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Westerhill Homes & Sandwich Technology School

Wednesday 1st June 2022

Westerhill Homes & Sandwich Technology School

6th Form students at Sandwich Technology School who are studying Engineering partnered with Westerhill Homes in a ‘Design an Eco Home’ competition, which commenced with a visit to see new homes under construction at the Kent-based developer’s site in Sandwich earlier in the year.

The competition was to challenge students to design an Eco home using the CAD program and featuring innovative ideas for moving towards Zero Carbon Homes.

The students gave their presentations and showed 3D models of the homes they had designed to Jon Woollerton, Head of Design & Technical and Darryl Proudfoot, Site Project Manager at Westerhill Homes, the new homes arm of the award-winning Chartway Group.

The students, who were in groups presented their 3 D models and gave their presentations which featured what they consider to be key points which new homes builders should be considering when designing new homes to move forward to a Zero Carbon model.

The groups all focused on the benefits of looking at different types of insulation such as sheep’s wool, rock wool and wood fibre as alternatives to the current types available, being efficient and sustainable. Double and triple glazing, Solar panels connected to batteries which can feed back to the National Grid once the home user has maximised their use. Alongside this they discussed the initial design of new homes with open plan layouts, materials selections all being an important focus for designing a sustainable house.

Ventilation heat recovery, heat source pumps and underfloor heating were each discussed as alternatives to the current forms of gas and electric heating, being more efficient and sustainable.

Using grey water, and harvesting rainwater for use in the home and in gardens are economical and each group had specific ideas on how this could be collected and used.

Kitchens were presented with high energy efficient appliances, sinks with restricted water flow systems.

Following the presentations Jon Woollerton announced the winning groups, and as three groups were taking part each group received vouchers as a prize.

Jon Woollerton, Head of Technical & Design at Westerhill Homes said ‘ It was a pleasure to listen to the presentations by the students at Sandwich Technology School, they had obviously given a lot of thought to the subject and we were extremely impressed by their ideas. It was good to be challenged by some of the students who have some strong view on how we, as developers, must look at how the end users, the home owners can live well in the homes we design as we move towards a Zero Carbon future. It was really interesting to hear how the students are so much more engaged with ‘Green’ issues than we might think and that they are thinking about their futures with this in mind’.

Mr Mugford, Head of Technology & Design at Sandwich Technology School said “It was a real privilege to welcome Westerhill Homes to Sandwich Technology School. The opportunity has given our students a real-life project which has broadened their mindsets and given them vital experience in presenting ideas and concepts in a professional environment. Speaking on behalf of the students and the school, I would like to thank Westerhill Homes for approaching us with this opportunity”.

For information about the new homes at Pebble Gate Place click here https://www.westerhillhomes.co.uk/developments/pebble-gate-place/