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Consumer Codes

If you reserved your new home after 31st January 2024 the New Homes Quality Code Applies.


What is the New Homes Quality Code?

Housebuilders and developers who build new homes will be expected to register with the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB). As long as a housebuilder or developer has followed the correct registration process, including completing the necessary training, introducing a complaints procedure, and following other processes and procedures that are needed to meet the requirements of this New Homes Quality Code (the code), they will become a registered developer.

Registered developers agree to follow the code and the New Homes Ombudsman Service, including accepting the decisions of the New Homes Ombudsman in relation to dealings with customers. If a registered developer does not meet the required standards or fails to accept and act in line with the decisions of the New Homes Ombudsman, they may have action taken against them, including being removed from the register of registered developers.

To find out more about the New Homes Quality Code by visiting their website:

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Consumer Code

If you reserved your new home before 31st January 2024 the Consumer Code For Home Builders Applies.

As of the 1st July 2014, all Westerhill Homes customers have added protection under the Consumer Code for House Builders 2010.

The Consumer Code sets mandatory requirements that all home builders must meet in their marketing and selling of homes and their after-sales customer services and has been created to ensure that home buyers are:

Treated fairly.

Know what service levels to expect.

Are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions.

Know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.

Further information on all aspects of the Consumer Code can be downloaded from their website:

View website