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Happy New Year 2021

Friday 1st January 2021

Happy New Year 2021

New Year’s resolutions, don’t break them – buy a new home in 2021!

The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions on the 31st December and then breaking before the 31st January is, it seems, quite usual for most of us. However, after the challenges we’ve faced in 2020, this year we might be making more specific resolutions for ourselves and trying much harder to stick to them. Keeping healthy and more active is a goal a lot of people will be trying to stick to, budgeting more effectively, reading more books, spending less time looking at screens and there’ll be many more personal ones too. But, perhaps your goal for 2021 is to move, maybe you need additional space if you are working from home, perhaps you want to get out of town, you want to have a change of lifestyle, to be nearer to family or, just for a change of scene.

Buying a brand-new home can certainly help with some of your resolutions if they include moving home, budgeting and changing your lifestyle or, being nearer family if you choose the right location. New homes are generally less expensive to run as they are fitted with the latest in energy efficient heating and plumbing systems and appliances so could help with budgeting. Changing your lifestyle may mean you slow down a bit, or spend more time outdoors, easy to do in the countryside, and we have developments in different locations which might help you to be nearer loved ones.

Taking advantage of our Easy Move Scheme will save you estate agent fees*. Changing your lifestyle could mean using the car less and walking more, and most of our developments are in areas with local amenities close by. We can’t help with all your resolutions,  but we can certainly offer you a selection of beautiful homes to choose from, in stunning locations in Kent, click here for further information  https://www.westerhillhomes.co.uk/developments


*Westerhill Homes Easy Move Scheme is administered by Moving Made Easy, maximum estate agents fee contribution £6,000 https://www.moving-madeeasy.co.uk/