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Westerhill Homes Easy Move

We’ve introduced our Easy Move Scheme to help our customers move home with as little stress as possible.  We will appoint Moving Made Easy to assist us with the sale of your current home. This means you won’t have to get valuations done by estate agents as Moving Made Easy will arrange this for you, and you won’t have to pay their fees either (up to a maximum of £6,000)., as we will pay them for you. For more information about Moving Made Easy, visit their web site:


Once you have completed our simple Easy Move Application Form a representative from Moving Made Easy will contact you and agree the estate agents who will come and value your home. Their recommendations are based on research on the research and local market share of sales. They will arrange for three valuations to be carried out and once completed will prepare a report, which includes their recommendation for the selling price of your home within 4 weeks. They’ll talk to us about the valuations and then get in touch with you to agree the selling price with you.

The local estate agents are the experts in your area and an average of the three valuations plus the Moving Made Easy valuation are all considered before we propose a sales price to you. If we cannot agree the selling price, we may not be able to proceed. We want to achieve a sale within 4 weeks for you.

Moving Made Easy are an independent company specialising in new homes sales for developers. Once a selling price has been agreed they will instruct the estate agents and monitor marketing, interest and offers. Once you have accepted an offer they will work with your Solicitor and other estate agents in your chain to help you to achieve an exchange of Contracts within the timescale required.

As part of this scheme we pay your estate agents fees via Moving Made Easy. We will pay up to a maximum of £6,000 estate agents fees, if your fees are higher than this amount you will need to pay the excess.

Visit our developments (click here to see all our developments) and choose a new home. Our Sales Consultant will forward your details to Moving Made Easy and they will get in touch with you to start the ball rolling for valuations to be carried out. We will hold your chosen plot for 4 weeks whilst the estate agents are marketing your home. It’s important to work with Moving Made Easy to get the valuations completed as soon as possible.

We may offer to extend the Easy Move period for you or we may ask you to be a ‘Floating Easy Move’ which means you still have the opportunity to use the scheme but must be flexible on which plot you will buy. If you aren’t in agreement then we will remarket our plot and terminate your Easy Move with Moving Made easy.

Your Easy Move will move on to become a reservation and the usual terms and conditions will apply. Take a look at our Buyers Guide – Buying a New Home for more information.