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The Consumer Code & New Homes Quality Board

The Consumer Code for New Homes is a mandatory code for all new homes builders who are members. It was established to ensure best practice by Developers who have signed up to the code.
The Consumer Code

The code covers all marketing, selling and purchasing of a new home and sets the standards for after sales customer care.


If you aren’t satisfied with the responses you have had from our Customer Services team or the work which has been carried out, then you can contact Premier Guarantee or NHBC who will take the matter forward on your behalf.

All Westerhill Homes homes have a 10 year New Homes Warranty with Premier Guarantee or NHBC; it starts on the date of legal completion. Premier provide a Structural Warranty which is an insurance to protect against structural defects in new buildings. The insurance covers defects in workmanship or the risk of failure with construction.

There is nothing to pay unless you make a claim, when there is an excess amount to consider. For information on the Warranty visit


Your home will have been inspected by the Premier Guarantee or NHBC team of qualified experts who will issue a certificate to confirm your home has reached the standard required. A copy of this certificate will be sent to your Solicitor before legal completion. Without the certificate the legal completion cannot take place.

Yes, most lenders will not release mortgage funds without a guarantee of this kind in place. You’ll also need to have the New Homes Warranty if you’re going to sell your home with in the first ten years.

No, it’s there for protection and hopefully you’ll never need to use it.

Westerhill Homes own Customer Services Team provide a two year Warranty; if you have any issues you can contact them. Further information is given in our Customer Services Buyers Guide.

Yes as this is separate to the Warranty Insurance from Premier or NHBC. Buildings Insurance will cover a wider range of defects and cover any specific items in or outside your home which you add to the insurance.