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Countdown to moving

Give notice to your Landlord
Get quotes from removal companies and instruct the one you want to move you.
Pack one room at time.
Label all the boxes, this will save time when you arrive at your new home.
Make a plan showing where all your furniture should be placed in your new home, this will speed up the removal’s men moving you in.
Re-direct your mail to your new address with Royal Mail
Move, or buy your TV Licence
Tell your Local Council you are moving home and ask for a final Council Tax Statement.
Clear out your loft and shed. Make a donation to your local charity shop and/or the local recycling centre.
Contact your Local Council if you are paying for a brown garden wheelie bin, they may let you take it with you if you are moving within the same council area.
Inform your car insurance company.
Make sure you have buildings and contents insurance for your new home in place.
At your current home let all your utility companies (Water, Electricity and Gas providers) that you are moving and give them your final metre readings.
Update your car details with DVLC or by post.
Let your Milkman know when you are moving and settle the final bill.
A week before you move start to run down your freezer. Switch it off at least 24 hours before you move so it can de-ice.
Clear out your fridge the day before you move home and only leave the essentials in it, but remember to take them with you before you leave your old house.
Organise who is looking after the children and pets on moving day.
Order your new telephone/Broadband line.
Tell everyone your moving
  • Bank
  • Building Society
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • School
  • Credit card companies
  • Store cards
  • Pet Insurer
  • Buildings & Contents insurer
  • Local Council
  • DVLC
  • Employer
  • Department of Work & Pensions
  • Pension Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Telephone & Broadband Provider
  • TV Licencing company
  • Car insurer
  • Premium Bonds
Keep the hoover and cleaning product out on the last day so you can clean your house before you leave it.
On moving day, pack a box of essentials: Kettle, Coffee, tea-bags, milk, mugs, water, packed lunch, snacks and biscuits, washing up liquid, T-towel, hand was, toilet rolls and hand towel. We provide light bulbs in your new home so leave your old ones in your old home for the new home owners.
Arrange where to drop the keys off when you leave your old home.
Make sure you know who is handing the keys to your new home to you when you get there.
Get in touch with your new Local Council and set up your Council Tax payments.
Register with a new Doctor.
Contact the utility companies at your new home as set up a payment scheme with them.