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Buying a New Home – The Process

You’ll need to complete a Reservation Form with one of our Sales Consultants and pay a reservation fee.

It’s £1,000 or £500 if you are a first time buyer using the Government-backed Help to Buy Scheme – take a look at our Buyers Guide – Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme for further information. Terms and conditions for the reservation fee can be found on the Reservation Form.

Our Sales Consultant will go through all the plans with you. This will include house type plans, landscaping plans and development plans. If there is a Management Company at the development, they will let you know the yearly costs and what is covers.

On most of our developments we have set up a Management Company. We do this to help protect the development environment by looking after areas which do not fall within the legal boundaries of the new homes. These ‘managed’ areas can include landscaping, private roads, lakes and ponds, visitor parking areas and special features such as culverts. Having a Management Company benefits all homeowners, and generally the Management Company is handed over to the residents once the final home has been built, but this is specific to each development and your Sales Consultant will be able to advise you on this.

When you reserve your new home you will need to appoint a Solicitor and provide us with their contact details straight away. Take a look at our Buyers Guide – Legal, for more information.

You will need to have spoken to one of our panel Financial Advisor experts to confirm you are able to buy a new home, this ensures you are buying the right home for your personal circumstances. Our Independent Financial Advisors can also arrange a mortgage for you. Take a look at our Buyers Guide – Financial for more information.

We aim to exchange Contracts with you within 28 days. At exchange of Contracts a deposit must be paid. This is 10% of the purchase price or, 5% if you are a First Time Buyer using the Help to Buy Equity Scheme (take a look at our Buyers Guide – Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme). You Solicitor will only exchange Contracts if they are satisfied, they have all the legal they need to have in place.

You will be invited to a New Home Demonstration by our Sales Consultant and Site Manager about two weeks before legal completion. They will take you on a tour of your new home and explain how things work.

Approximately 14 days before you can move into your new home, we will arrange a legal completion date with you. You can then book your removals company and make all your moving in arrangements. On the day of legal completion, we can release the keys to you once we have confirmation from our Solicitor that funds have been received and your purchase has been completed.

You will need to book your removal company, arrange for your new phone line to be connected, transfer the utilities into your name ( further information on this will be given to you at your Home Demonstration).

Your bank, Building Society, Doctor, Dentist, Employer, Department of Work & Pensions, Insurance Company (including Pet Insurers), Local Council, Credit & Store Card companies, Utility companies for your old address.

Our Customer Services Team will now look after you. Take a look at our Buyers Guide – Westerhill Homes Customer Services, for more information.

Throughout your buying journey, our dedicated teams are on hand to keep you informed about how your new home is progressing and the steps you need to take.