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Appointing a solicitor

The legal process for a buying a new home is complicated and Solicitors are qualified to provide you with expert advice. Lenders require you to use a Solicitor. Your Solicitor will confirm that the land has a Title of Ownership and will transfer the land between two parties, the buyer and the seller.

A Solicitor will look at the Contract, and seek clarification on any questions that may arise. They will also act for the Lender, if you having a mortgage and transfer funds on their behalf.

Our Sales Consultant can introduce you to one of our panel Solicitors. This is helpful as they have experience of looking at our Contracts and will probably have already asked most of the common questions about the development. They will also look specifically at the plot you are buying and apply for the Local Search. They understand our target dates for exchanges as well which can help both parties.

The amount you pay will depend on the value of the home you are buying. If you are selling your current home there will also be a charge for the conveyancing on that property too. Our panel Solicitors will be able to provide you with a written quote as soon as you have contacted them to tell them you are buying a new home from Westerhill Homes.

Yes, there are Disbursement costs. These costs cover Local Search fees and any additional costs which may be incurred by the Solicitor. The Solicitor will be able to give you an indication of Disbursement fee in their written quotation.

You will usually be asked for some money at the beginning of the Solicitors instruction. These are to pay for the Local Search. The final amount will be shown on your completion statement and your Solicitor will discuss the payment details with you.

Your Solicitor will contact the Local Authority where you are buying your new home to obtain a Local Search. The search will provide information which could affect your use or enjoyment of your new home, this may include details relating to public highways, planning schemes and applications, railways, new roads and planning decisions. For further information visit:

Once your Solicitor has reviewed the Contract and has received the Local Searches back, has satisfactory answers to any questions they may have raised with the seller, and has a copy of your mortgage offer they will be ready to exchange Contracts. The exchange deposit is usually 10% of the purchase price. Your Solicitor will ask you to transfer the exchange deposit about a week before exchange takes place.

This is a binding legal agreement between buyers that you will complete on the purchase of your new home on an agreed date.

When you are buying a new home, when the property is ready the developer will advise your Solicitor of the completion date when they ‘Serve Notice’ to complete. This is usually ten days before the day of legal completion. If you are buying a new home which is already built, then a date for completion may be agreed between the developer and the buyer.

Your Solicitor will transfer the final amount of the completion monies to the sellers Solicitor and confirm completion has taken place. Both parties Solicitors will advice their clients that completion has taken place. Once our Sales Consultants have received the confirmation from our Solicitor that completion has taken place we can release the keys to you. Take a look at our Buyers Guide – Buying a New Home, for more information.