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Social values

We have grown substantially since our humble beginnings in 2009, going from turning over £800,000 in 2010—compared to around £90m. Today we employ in excess of 200 permanent staff members, but our core values have remained throughout and continue to underpin our actions.

Every year we measure our social impact to understand the differences we are making, and can make, in our projects and partnerships. Since 2014, we have donated more than £100,000 to the Heart of Kent Hospice, £70,000 to other charitable events and causes, and invested £210,000 in apprenticeship training.

We have planted 8,000 trees, created 20ha of open spaces, generated 438kWh of power through solar panels at our HQ and on new homes.

We are passionate about supporting local charities and people in our communities. It gives us all a great sense of pride.

Ian Savage CEO