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Wildlife Update at Peters Village

Thursday 21st March 2019

Peters Village is a new 1,000 home community offering residents a green and diverse environment.                                                                                 

There are lovely views of the River Medway, wooded hills, scrubland and chalky habitats in the Peters Pit Quarry nature reserve.

Environmental studies here show that people and wildlife are flourishing side by side.  The wildlife is using purpose-built passages beneath roads and trackways to move between the substantial retained areas of green space.  There are four passages and they all have roof slots to let the rain in and allow air circulations.  They are joined to special low fences to prevent animals from getting onto the road, whilst enabling them to move safely to the other side.

In particular, Great Crested Newts, which are a protected species, are using these tunnels exactly as hoped: to explore between the designated Peters Pit SSSI (Site of  Special Scientific Interest) and land beside the River Medway.  This allows this rare species to avoid what are known as fragmentation effects, when countryside is divided by roads, housing and industry.

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