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Westerhill Homes meets the next generation of builders

Monday 24th June 2019


The next generation of would-be house builders were keen to show off their skills when a team from Kent-based new homes developer Westerhill Homes visited them last week. Pupils in Scotney & Tonbridge classes at Coxheath Primary School took part in a building exercise which used recycled boxes, packaging and a variety of other materials to build houses and then explain what features they had included. The homes boasted, canopies, balconies, solar panels and even a lift in one example. This was part of an afternoon’s activity with Westerhill Homes sales team, and the Site Project Manager from their local Linden Meadows development, located a few minutes’ walk from the school.

Pupils learnt about the environment and safety on building sites with presentations from the Ivor Goodsite brand, and both topics being enthusiastically discussed. The house-build model-making activity enabled the students to think about how they constructed their models and consider the green features they would include. A presentation on site safety in Tonbridge class saw pupils dressing up in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and being alerted to the danger of going onto building sites.

The sessions ended with a relay race to recreate a Westerhill Homes house image, and an Ivor Goodsite fun bag was given to everyone who took part in the afternoon’s activities.

Joanne Richards, Sales & Marketing Director at Westerhill Homes said  ‘ Working with the students gave us a good insight into how young people think the construction industry is working to create new homes which will have a lesser impact on the environment and how this also translates into their day to day life at school and at home. We really enjoyed our visit and hope to replicate this with other schools in the area’.

 “Westerhill Homes visited our Year 4 classes and the children had a fantastic afternoon learning about the environment, how houses are designed and built and the kinds of jobs they may like to do when they are older. It was a brilliant ‘hands-on’ learning experience. Thank you Westerhill Homes!” said Sarah Holman, Head of School, Coxheath Primary School

Westerhill Homes are building new homes both on their own development in Stockett Lane, Coxheath and with partners Orbit, Hyde New Homes and Latimer in Ashford and Wouldham. 

Click here to read the delightful thank you letter we received from Scotney class

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